Our Value Offering

In proposing risk-based solutions, we develop industry specific solution while serving all our clients as unique individuals. They have specific needs and require specific attention.

Through our engagements we form partnerships aimed to indemnify our clients against their losses. And when losses do occur, we ensure that claims are managed

  • Promptly,
  • Accurately and
  • Proffessionally.

In addition to procuring standalone insurance solutions we are further equipped to identify and manage the risks to which individual companies are exposed including but not limited to legal liability rooted exposures. 

Our primary objective is to accordingly provide special support for clients’ risk exposure not only insofar as assets are concerned but furthermore within our legal framework so as to manage risk and disputes in terms of agreed programs

Our services require that we collaborate with our clients to synergistically fulfil the following functions as may be required:

  • Conducting gap analyses of current insurance portfolios
  • Submitting a proposal, as applicable, in bridging identified gaps through both relevant insurance coverage and implementation of sound risk control programs
  • Facilitating the management and control of impending/potential litigation so as to safeguard the rights and interests of our clients. To this end, the legal based services will extend as reflected below.
    • Investigation of the circumstances of the claim to assess legal rights, liability and insurance policy application;
    • The provision of guidance from a legal perspective on claim mitigation;
    • Facilitation on claims preparation in alignment with the legal framework;
    • Assessment of the root cause of incidents and recommendations to prevent recurrence;
    • Review of contractual process management;
    • Facilitation of the preservation of business relationships in the event of a dispute; and
    • Liaison between insurer appointed attorneys and policy holders.