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The cover necessary for your purposes may extend across a wide range of industries involved in construction developments, be they commercial, residential or civil. The solutions to your exposure will best be proposed in the correct combination of available categories of cover.

We will help you to identify your unique exposure and secure the ideal insurance cover in this high niche sector. This exercise, conducted in close collaboration with you will determine whether policies need to be procured on an annual basis, per specific project or through a combination of the two, as the case may be. To this end we ensure that the insurers selected to protect your interests have sound and specialist competencies.

In unpacking the exposure your company faces, we address various risk and liability concerns that are particular to such entities. Following these processes in an interactive manner, we agree to arrange an effective engineering insurance solution that is project and industry specific.

The sectors of insurance coverage that we’ll explore include:

Contractors All Risks Insurance

This insurance comprehensively covers all forms of building and civil engineering construction. We consider a wide range of risks, dangers and potential impediments that are evident and seek to understand the needs of each client, their projects and markets in order to make the best recommendations of cover and therefore avert avoidable losses. The cover operates whilst projects are underway on an all-risks basis.

Public Liability

In concluding any contract or operating any plant in the course of projects, the nature of activities performed attracts potential liability risks. This policy is designed to indemnify your company, employees and sub-contractors who are determined to be legally responsible for damage to the property of third parties or injuries that may be caused.

The extension may be added to both CAR and PAR policies.

Plant All Risks Insurance

This coverage is arranged on an all-risks basis to ensure that loss or damage to equipment used does not impede the success of the project. The protection of the plant or equipment applies whilst on site, in transit or whilst in storage. This cover may be extended to incorporate equipment hired in the plant and continuing hire charges.

Business Interruption Insurance

A conventional business interruption policy will not respond to losses caused by machinery breakdown. The financial impact that one may suffer in such situations could well be disastrous. This policy will indemnify the insured against losses of gross profit, loss of revenue or the incurrence of additional costs for working upon such a breakdown.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This policy caters for those unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdowns of machinery. In order to control the costs of machinery breakdown insurance, it is recommended that only key items are selected for coverage.

Deterioration of Stock Insurance

The quality of stock or produce may be adversely affected due to a sudden breakdown of machinery. This cover will extend to indemnify you against such an event.

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